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เครื่องกวน เครื่องตี เครื่องผสม เครื่องบด
(Dispersing / Mixing / Grinding)

A key tool for dispersing, mixing and grinding the liquids.

เครื่องวัดค่าความถ่วงจำเพาะ และค่าความละเอียดของเนื้อสี
(Specific Gravity and Grinding)
A range of tools to determine the density, particle size and fineness of grind of many materials including paints, pigments, inks, coatings, chocolates and other similar products.
Specific Gravity Cup
Specific Gravity Cup BEVS supplies the Specific Gravity Cups which are made of robust aluminum and stainless steel with 3 different specifications, 50cc/1000cc/83.3cc (US gallon).
Fineness of Grind Gauge

BEVS Fineness of Grind Gauge is manufactured according to the GB/T1724 and ISO1524 standard.

เครื่องวัดค่าความหนืด ถ้วยวัดค่าความหนืด
(Viscosity Meter / Flow Cup)

Krebs Viscometer
BEVS1112 is a advanced touch screen control automatic viscometer of leading industry, the most suitable for measuring the non-newtonian fluid such as coating, paint, adhesives, pulp, printing, ink and etc.
Ford Cup

It is designed according to ASTM D1200, D333 and D365 standards and widely used to measure the viscosity of paints, inks and etc.

BEVS NF Cup is designed according to French NFT 30-070 standard and it is widely used by European company and French company especially.

BEVS DIN Cup is designed according to DIN 53211 standard and adapted to test the thin liquid at low viscosity.
Zahn Cup

BEVS 1107 Zahn Cup is designed according to the standard of ASTM D4212-93.
Iwata Cup

The cup can quickly measure the flow time of paint and other similar liquid in the laboratory or on testing spot. It is widely applied to the coating’s R&D department.
Cup Stand

BEVS Flow Cup Stand is used in concert with Ford Cup, DIN Cup, Afnor Cup and other similar cups, which provides the level of platform for the cups. It is made up of three adjustable stainless steel poles and aluminum level bubble plate. 


A range of high precision film applicators like bar coater, sided applicator and etc., for making samples of different products.
Automatic Film Applicator

BEVS Automatic Film Applicators are made with high precision machined components, sturdy mainframe and heavy duty power train assembly, to ensure long term reliable operation. Consistent drawdown conditions such as speed, flatness, combined with applicator gap and geometry are essential elements to obtain perfectly reproducible samples, eliminating human error and uncertainty.
Single Sided Applicator
The applicator can control the actual thickness of wet film for the precise test of coating. Excellent consistency and repeatability coating is required when testing the coating opacity, abrasion sag performance and other quality tests.
Two Sided Applicator
Control the actual thickness of dry film or wet film by the precise test of coating.
Four Sided Applicator
The cylindrical shape provides excellent result especially on fire substrate and smooth surface. By simply rotating through 90° and the next gap can be used.
Cube Applicator

The applicator can control the actual thickness of wet film for the precise test of coating.
Adjustable Applicator

Adjustable Applicator is applied to evaluate the slight difference of the film thickness accurately. It can control the film thickness by adjusting the two differentiators and scraper. And the gap is the final thickness.
Sagging Applicator
The instrument is used for sagging resistance evaluation to ensure a uniform film thickness by selecting suitable thickness, which is conducive to verticals, corners, holes, circular pieces of painting controlled. Viscosity, fineness, thickness are major factors in the impact of sagging.
Levelling Applicator

The instrument is made for evaluating the liquid coating in a horizontal state in order to select an appropriate coating state by controlling the physical properties of the coating.

A range of precise instruments for determine a coating’s drying time.
Drying Time Recorder

BEVS Drying Time Recorder is used for the test of drying time or gel behavior of a variety of paints and coatings. It has the characteristics of intuition and good reproducibility, and can accurately evaluate drying time in all stages.

(Coating Thickness Gauge)

A range of precise tools for measuring a coating’s thickness, including its wet and dry situation.
Paint Inspection Gauge

BEVS1707 PIG is using destructive method to measure coating thickness, containing single and multiple coats…
Wet Film Thickness Wheel
This Wet Film Wheel is used to measure the wet film thickness on smooth and flat coated surfaces such as lacquer, varnish, adhesive and other materials.
Wet Film Gauge

This Wet Film Gauge is used to measure the wet film thickness on smooth and flat coated surfaces…

(Temperature datalogger) 

A precise tool for measuring an oven’s temperature, for the purpose of optimizing oven’s structure, distribution of hot air, layout of outlet, paint curing process.
Oven Loggermaster / เครื่องทดสอบค่าอุณหภูมิในตู้อบแบบต่อเนื่อง
BEVS oven loggermaster is the latest generation of oven temperature logger for robust comprehensive, intelligent and easy-to-use, which is used to measure and store the temperature profiles of both the sample and the oven during the cure process.


A range of tools for measuring a surface’s gloss and color to meet a varieties of standards.
Color Assessment Cabinet / ตู้เทียบสี
To avoid assessment error when performing color contrast, it is easy to simulate different light sources to compare color difference via touch screen panel. Ideal application for the Graphic arts, Photographic, Textile, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Leather, Inks, Knitwear, Plastic, Automotive and Ceramics industries.
60° Gloss Meter / เครื่องวัดค่าความมันเงา 60 องศา
BEVS 60°Glossmeter is designed according to ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457, GB9754, GB9966, GB8807 standard.
Bench Gloss Meter / เครื่องวัดค่าความเงาแบบตั้งโต๊ะ
This small, portable instrument is made for measuring the gloss of curved surface, small pieces, specially shaped surface of small products, application in the area of coatings, automobiles, toys, furniture, plastics, banknotes, teeth, ceramics etc.

(ADHESION Testing)

A range of handy tools for determining a coating’s ability of adhesion to base materials.
Multi-hatch Gauge
BEVS 2203 Multi-hatch Gauge is designed and manufactured according to BS3962-6 standard with the convenient and simple feature. It’s widely used to measure the coating film adhesion of plastic and wood.
Cross Hatch Cutter

BEVS 2202 Cross Hatch Cutter is designed and manufactured according to ISO2409-1992, GB/T9286-98, BS 3900 E6 and ASTM D3359 standards.


A range of manual testers for assessing a material’s resistance to wear.
Pencil Hardness Tester
BEVS1301 Pencil Tester is complied with the requirements of ASTM D3363 and ISO15184 standard, through leaving a superficial trace on the dry coating film with a certain pencil hardness, the surface will be variably damaged by the hardest pencil to evaluate pass/fail or hardness.


A range of manual and automatic testers for assessing a material’s resistance to deform.
Automatic Cupping Tester

BEVS Automatic Cupping Tester is an advance technology to efficiently assess the elasticity and cupping.
Impact Tester / เครื่องวัดการทนต่อแรงกระแทก

BEVS Impact Tester is used to make the reliable evaluation of coatings resistance by simulating actual impactcondition.
Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester

A very robust mechanical unit for determining the elasticity, adhesion and elongation of dry paint on metal sheet.
Conical Mandrel Bending Tester

A very robust mechanical unit for determining the elasticity, adhesion and elongation of dried paint on sheet metal. It can be used in accordance with GB11185-89, ISO 6860-1984 and ASTM D522.

เครื่องทดสอบการทนทานต่อการขัดถู การล้าง การทนต่อแรงขีดข่วน (ABRASION, SCRUB, WASHABILITY TESTER) 
A range of instruments for testing a material’s repeatability, washability, brushability and resistance to scratch of materials.

Scratch Tester / เครื่องทดสอบการทนต่อแรงขูดขีด

Scratch Tester is applied to the scratch resistance performance evaluation of single coating or complex coating system in insulated color coated sheet…

Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester / เครื่องทดสอบการทนต่อการขัด

This machine is used to test the abrasion, scrub and washability performance for many kinds of materials.
Linear Abraser

It is designed according to the American Dupont standard and applied to the abrasion resistant test for all kinds of nonconductive coating layers…
Handle Abraser

This instrument is designed according to the DuPont company standard, America CMA2004-04 and Britain BS7069 standard…

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