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ผู้ผลิตเครื่องวัดค่าความหนืดแบบต้านการหมุน (Rotational Brookfield Viscometer) ในหน่วย การวัดแบบเซนติพอยส์ (cP) เครื่องวัดความหนืดสำหรับส่วนการผลิต (Process Viscometer) เครื่องวัดเนื้อสัมผัส (Texture Analyzer) เครื่องวัดความนิ่ม ความแข็ง การทนต่อแรงดึง แรงกด เครื่องศึกษาพฤติกรรมการไหลของตัวอย่างผง (Powder Flow Tester : PFT) สำหรับอุตสาหกรรมอาหาร เครื่องดื่ม ยา เครื่องสำอาง กาว ยาง สารเคมี เรซิ่น ปิโตรเลียม น้ำมันหล่อลื่น เครื่องวัดความหนืดในหน่วย Kreb Unit (KU) สำหรับอุตสาหกรรม สี สารเคลือบ โพลิเมอร์ เป็นต้น


Viscometers เครื่องวัดความหนืด

  • Laboratory Viscometer - เครื่องวัดความหนืดสำหรับห้องแล็ป
  • Gel Timer Instruments - เครื่องวัดเวลาในการเกิดเจล (Gel Timer)
  • In-Line Process Viscometers - เครื่องวัดความหนืดสำหรับส่วนการผลิต

Laboratory Viscometers

Brookfield has a reputation of being the world leader in viscositymeasurements for over 80 years providing a variety of laboratory viscometers to suit a wide variety of applications. Keep Reading

DVNext Image - 180x215 - Updated

DVNext Rheometer

Advance Rheometer Keep Reading

New Cone_Plate Image - 215x180 - Updated

DVNext Cone/Plate Rheometer

Rapid determination of absolute viscosity is easy for this cone and cup version for small samples. Keep Reading

DV2T Touch Screen Viscometer

Our most versatile viscometer...with a touch screen! Keep Reading

DV1 Digital Viscometer

A continuous sensing capability for rapid viscosity measurement Keep Reading

DVE Low Cost Digital Viscometer

Our lowest cost digitalviscometer reads viscosity in cP or mPa•s without the need for manual calculations. The DVE display shows % torque, spindle and speed, and is the perfect choice for the first time user! ...Keep Reading

Dial Reading Viscometer

The original Brookfield Dial Reading Viscometer is the lab standard used around the world. Some manual calculation is required to obtaincentipoises values. Works with a variety of Brookf...Keep Reading

CAP1000 Viscometer

A cone and plate system that provides a quick, single point test with sample temperature control that is perfect for Q.C. Keep Reading

CAP2000 Viscometer

Provides viscosity flow curves as well as temperature profiles and is ideal for R&D as well as QC especially in paints and coatings industries. Keep Reading

KU-3 Viscometer

The KU-3 Viscometer displays, Krebs units, gram units and centipoise for paints, coatings and inks. Keep Reading

Falling Ball Viscometer

The Falling Ball Viscometer uses the simple, but precise, Höppler principle to measure the viscosity Newtonian fluids by measuring the time required for a ball to fall under gravity through a sample-filled tube. ... Keep Reading

BF35 Viscometer

The Brookfield BF35 Viscometer is the ideal instrument to measure viscosity of oil drilling and fracturing fluids. Keep Reading

Gel Timer Instruments – เครื่องวัดเวลาในการเกิดเจล (Gel Timer)

AMETEK Brookfield provides an accurate, easy-to-use solution for companies that manufacture or process thermoset materials requiring gel time measurements. Gel coats, resins, and potting compounds are primary example... Keep Reading

Gel Timer DV2T Instrument

The most popular Brookfield viscometer now measures gel time using unique magnetic coupling that attaches the glass rod to instrument. When gel time is reached, display shows both gel time and equivalent viscosity va... Keep Reading


In-Line Process Viscometers - เครื่องวัดความหนืดสำหรับส่วนการผลิต

Brookfield provides a variety of viscosity measurement and control systems used throughout the world for many different applications. Keep Reading

· FAST Viscometer

·STT-100 Sanitary Viscometer

·TT-100 Viscometer

·VTE Electric Viscosel

FAST Viscometer

FAST Viscometer

With no moving parts, the FAST system is the perfect choice for extreme demands such as paints, inks, and coatings. Keep Reading

STT-100 Sanitary Viscometer

The Brookfield STT-100 Sanitary Viscometer has a clean-in-place design which conforms to 3A conditions. Keep Reading

TT-100 Viscometer

The Brookfield TT-100 inline Viscometer is used in closed loop systems requiring viscosity monitoring. Keep Reading

VTE Electric Viscosel

The Brookfield VTE Viscoselincludes viscosity indication and control in one complete package. Keep Reading

Rheometers - เครื่องวัดความหนืดระดับสูง


PVS RheometerThe Brookfield PVS is a coaxial cylinder, controlled shear rate rheometer used in applications under pressure at temperatures where sampleboil-off is a problem. Keep Reading




RST Coaxial Cylinder RheometerThe RST-CC Touch Screen Rheometer is ideal for coaxial cylinder DIN geometries for single point QC or full rheological profiling. Keep Reading



RST Cone Plate RheometerThe RST-CPS Rheometer is great for cone and plate as well as plate to plate system for small volumes and wide shear rate ranges. Keep Reading




RST Soft Solids Tester RheometerThe Brookfield RST-SST Touch Screen Rheometer is used worldwide for testing pastes, slurries and materials with particulates for yield stress,shear modulus, recovery and creep. Keep Reading



Enhanced UL AdapterThe Enhanced UL Adapter is a coaxial geometry system, which measures viscosity at defined shear rate and utilizes small sample size (16mL)for low viscosity fluids down to 1cP. Keep Reading




Helipath StandThe Model D Helipath Stand allows for measurement of non-flowingviscosity using t-bar spindles on a standard Brookfield Viscometer orRheometer.Keep Reading




DIN AdapterThe Brookfield DIN Adapter is used to measure materials withlimited sample volume and complies with DIN53019.Keep Reading



Label WriterThe Dymo label writer is conveniently used with Brookfield DV2Tand DV3T models to record written, permanent data.Keep Reading



Small Sample AdapterThe Small Sample Adapter is a coaxial cylinder geometry accessorythat allows for measurement of limited samples of < 18mL with any standardBrookfield Viscometer or Rheometer. Keep Reading





Spiral AdapterThe Brookfield Spiral Adapter is used to measure the viscosity ofheavy, paste-like materials such as solder paste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,foods and other non-flowing materials.Keep Reading

Texture Analyzers - เครื่องวิเคราะห์เนื้อสัมผัส

CTX Teaser Image

CTX Texture AnalyzerThe new CTX Texture Analyzer is an advanced model for compressionand tension testing of materials. It allows quick, efficient testing for busylabs that need to improve productivity while maintaining quality. ... Keep Reading




CT3 Texture AnalyzerThe Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer is a powerful universaltesting machine that offers both compression and tensile testing at a muchlower price than other testers in its class. Keep Reading


The Brookfield standard probe kit comes with a wide range of probes to suit almost
every test application. Keep Reading


Powder Flow Testers - เครื่องวิเคราะห์พฤติกรรมการไหลของตัวอย่างผง

PFT Powder Flow Testers

The PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate downtim...
Keep Reading

Software ซอฟแวร์ประมวลผล

CapcalcCapcalc software turns a Brookfield CAP2000+ Viscometer into anaccurate rheometer for advanced sample analysis. Keep Reading

PG FlashPG Flash allows you to create repeatable custom tests on your PCand then uploaded to any DV2T Viscometer or DV3T Rheometer. Keep Reading


Powder Flow ProCollect comprehensive flow data quickly and easily with the use ofthe supplied Powder Flow Pro software. Powder Flow Pro operates and controlsthe Powder Flow Tester and is included with purchase of theinstrument. ...Keep Reading

Rheo3000The RST Rheometer can be programmed using Rheo3000 to controlshear stress or shear rate. Keep ReadingRheocalcTRheocalcT software can analyze data, generate multiple plotoverlays, print tabular data, run math models and perform other time-savingroutines. Keep Reading


RheovisionPowerful Rheovision Software is supplied with the PVS Rheometerfor full automation and control of all test parameters and comprehensive datacollection/analysis. Keep Reading


TexturePro CTCollect data from a Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyzer and performdetailed data analysis including real time graphic plotting with TexturePro CT. Keep Reading

Wingather SQWingather SQ is the perfect software for gathering data, plottingand storing permanent test records when used with the DV1 Viscometer. Keep Reading

Temperature Control - อุปกรณ์ควบคุมอุณหภูมิ

Thermosel SystemThe Thermosel system uses coaxial cylinder geometry to measureliquids at high temperatures, up to 300°C. Keep Reading

Water BathsWater Baths Keep Reading


TC-150The compact TC-150 is a circulating heating bath for use withwater-jacketed Brookfield accessories. Also accommodates 600 mL beaker. Keep Reading

TC-250The TC-250 is a circulating heating bath for use withwater-jacketed Brookfield accessories. Also accommodates a 600 mL beaker. Keep Reading


TC-351The Model TC-351 Cooler is used in tandem with Brookfield ModelTC-150 and TC-250 Circulating Baths to provide increased coolingcapability. Keep Reading

TC-550Brookfield's most popular choice circulating refrigerated waterbath. Keep Reading

TC-650A compact, circulating and refrigerated bath... Keep Reading

Viscosity Standards น้ำยาสอบเทียบ

BrookfieldViscosity Silicone and Oil Standards provide a convenient, reliable way toverify the calibration of your Brookfield laboratory viscometer/rheometer. Ifyou're confused about which standards you need, see our FAQ section.Viscosity standards should be replaced on an annual basis.


CAP Oil Fluids

CAP Viscosity Standard Fluids are used for calibrating Brookfield CAP series Viscometers.  Keep Reading



General Purpose Oil

Brookfield Oil Viscosity Standards are used to check the calibration of specific instruments such as cone/plate viscometers or rheometers. Keep Reading


General Purpose Silicone

Silicone viscosity standards are commonly used to verify calibration of Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers. Keep Reading


High Temperature Silicone Fluids

High Temperature Silicone Fluids are Newtonian fluids calibrated at 25°C, 93.3°C and 149°C. These fluids are accurate to ±1% of viscosity value and are recommended for use with the Brookfield Thermosel accessory. ...Keep Reading





Krebs Viscometer Oil Fluids

Krebs Oil Fluids are for use with the Brookfield KU series Viscometers. Like all Brookfield Viscosity Standards, the Krebs Oil Fluids are accurate to ±1%.  Keep Reading



RST Oil Fluids

Silicone viscosity standards are commonly used to verify calibration of Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers. Keep Reading


Special Order Silicone Fluids

Custom non-standard viscosity or temperature range silicone fluids. Keep Reading


VisCal Kit

Conveniently test the calibration of your viscometer or rheometer with this all-in-one viscosity calibration kit. Keep Reading

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